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Both men and women may run into issues when it comes to their sexual health as they age. Some men may experience erectile dysfunction and decreased sexual function. Women may have issues with libido, arousal, and orgasm. Verve offers treatments that can resolve many of these issues and can help you reach a more fulfilling sexual experience.


For men, oral medications can drastically improve ED and sexual health. We offer high-quality compounded medications and generic medications for a wide range of budgets. Some of these medications include generic Viagra and Cialis, and compounded medications like Oxytocin. We also offer PT-141, a peptide which can promote sexual function in men and women by increasing libido, sexual gratification, sexual energy and desire, and mood enhancement.

For women, Oxytocin can be prescribed to help treat female orgasmic disorder, female arousal disorder or for those women who just desire a more powerful orgasm or multiple orgasms. Oxytocin is a powerful β€œbonding” hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain influencing behaviors such as empathy, generosity, and orgasm. Oxytocin levels increase naturally with hugging and kissing. We also offer blood flow enhancers and vasodilators. Vasodilators are used to open or relax blood vessels allowing blood to flow more easily. Studies show that increased local blood flow to the clitoris or genital tissue can improved genital response and overall sexual experience.

Get your sex life back

    • Boost Libido
    • Sexual gratification
    • Sexual energy
    • Desire
    • Enhance mood
    • More powerful orgasms
    • Multiple orgasms
    • Bring morning erections back
    • Enhance couple bonding
    • Improved clitoral and genital sensation
    • Improve quality of life
    • Sexual health

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