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Verve makes it simple with in-person and telehealth options

Easy, discrete, and convenient.

Hormone Optimization to increase your vitality, feel younger, and more energized.

We offer sexual enhancement, erectile dysfunction, and weight loss medications through a secure telemedicine platform for Oregon and Washington State patients who qualify. Our system is an easy and convenient way for patients to consult with a provider and receive medications which are shipped by a partnered compounding pharmacy in discreet packaging.

At Verve Health, our mission is to help you slow down the aging process and return to feeling like your younger self again. We combine an empathetic approach with innovative medicine to offer you a unique protocol to optimize your hormone levels.

Fill Out Forms

Fill out a medical intake forms including information on

Symptoms - Discuss the hormone deficient symptoms you’ve been experiencing.

Medical History - Your personal and family medical history can indicate your susceptibility to medical conditions so it’s important to identify any potential problem areas.

Personal Goals - Each of our patients has their own unique set of goals associated with hormone replacement therapy. At Verve, we listen to your goals and help develop them with you.

Telehealth or In-person Consultation

Create your personalized Health Optimization Program

We’ll get down to details so we can truly understand your unique symptoms, concerns, and goals for your health.
For some services, such as ordering ED or weight loss medications, or IV drips, lab work may not be required and a quick in-person or telehealth appointment is all you need to get started.
For other services such as hormone therapy, lab work and a telehealth or in-person visit is required to specifically discuss:

  • The results of your comprehensive blood panel

  • The symptoms you are experiencing, which may be related to aging and hormone deficiency

  • Your medical health history and family health history

  • Your unique set of health goals

We’ll create a unique personal protocol specifically tailored to your needs and goals, based on the full picture of your health including your laboratories, symptoms, health history, and goals.

Start Feeling Better

Receive your protocol - Begin taking your meds, Begin feeling better again!

You’ll receive your individualized program and medications

  • Between six to eight weeks after starting your medications, follow-up blood work is required to assess how the medications are working and review your symptoms. At this time we will make adjustments to your medication dosages if needed to continue optimizing your hormones.

  • Most programs take a minimum of 3 months to reach full effectiveness depending on symptoms, but many of our patients report a reduction in symptoms within weeks of starting treatment.

  • Patients should expect communication from Verve Health throughout their treatment to review how they’re feeling and the results they’re experiencing.

With Verve, there is no need for monthly physical visits to your doctor. After your initial in-office or virtual consultation, follow-up appointments can be either be in-person or virtual through our telehealth platform.