Understanding Exosomes For Hair Loss

What Is It and Is It Right For You?

Using industry leading technology from Kimera Labs our clinic provides a non-surgical, effective, evidence-based solution to thinning hair. Kimera Labs is the leading exosome biotechnology laboratory specializing in the production of perinatal mesenchymal stem cell (MSC)-derived ) exosome products used for cosmetic and research purposes.

What are Exosomes?
Exosomes are small extracellular vesicles, typically 30-150 nm in diameter, released by cells. They contain a complex cargo of proteins, lipids, mRNA, miRNA, and DNA. These vesicles play a crucial role in cell communication and contribute to various biological processes. Exosomes are formed through the fusion and exocytosis of multivesicular bodies into the extracellular space. These vesicles carry cellular cargo and are released from the cell.
Exosomes act as messengers between cells. They transfer exosome-associated RNA (such as microRNAs and long noncoding RNAs) to recipient cells, influencing protein machinery. Additionally, proteins within exosomes directly affect target cells.
Therapeutic Potential: Researchers are exploring exosomes for therapeutic purposes. Stem cell-derived exosomes can bring growth factors and other beneficial molecules. Due to their small size, exosomes can remain hidden in the bloodstream and cross barriers that cells cannot.
Exosomes can be programmed to perform specific actions. For instance, if introduced to a wound, they can signal skin cells to produce more collagen, aiding in tissue regeneration.

What to expect?
Treatments are completed in about an hour in the office with little to no downtime. Results typically show in 2-6 months. Schedule a free consultation today to see if you are a good candidate or to learn more about the scientific literature.

Males Females

Increased Hair Count

Minimal Inflammation and Discomfort

No Downtime

Non-Surgical Treatment







Three Simple Steps

Step 1

Local anesthesia to numb the desired location

Step 2

Application of the exosomes

Step 3

Let the Exosomes do the work!

Possible Side Effects

A discussion with the provider will help determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment.

  • Possible Scalp Irritation
  • Possible Itchiness