Neuromodulator Injections for Wrinkle Control – Botox $12/unit

Wrinkle Relaxer:
Botox is an injection that reduces the appearance of dynamic wrinkles (formed by facial movements such as squinting, smiling and frowning) and fine lines by strategically preventing muscle contractions. When these muscles remain relaxed, the integrity of the overlying skin is maintained and unwanted creases are prevented.

Botox has been a remarkably popular solution to counteract the most common signs of aging since 2002. It's now a fantastic solution for younger individuals looking to "rejuvenate"! Because of these consistent results, this minimally-invasive cosmetic has been one of the most widely utilized anti-aging treatments available.

Here at Verve Health, our goal is to help our patients feel amazing and confident with this highly effective and versatile solution so they can enjoy natural-looking, revitalized results.

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What Can Botox Do?

Botox has a long and proven track record of providing millions of patients with a refreshed, youthful look. This quick injection is a versatile cosmetic.

Smooth Away Wrinkles

Around the mouth, nose, eyes, and brow and


Preserve your youthful appearance by preventing future development of lines and wrinkles


Define facial characteristics such as the chin and jawline


Relax the muscles around the mouth that lead to a “gummy” smile


Relief from bruxism and excessive jaw clenching

Treatment Areas

Forehead lines, Frown Lines, Top of the nose "bunny lines", Around the eyes "crows feet", Lip area "lip flip"

How Botox Works, Treatment Areas, and Results

How Botox Works

As we get older, collagen production in our skin decreases, resulting in the formation of wrinkles. This can be concerning for those who wish to preserve their youthful look, and experience unwanted wrinkles and creasing when making facial expressions. Here's where neuromodulators like Botox come in! The active ingredient of Botox is Botulinum toxin A, a protein produced by a specially formulated strain of bacteria. When injected intramuscularly, it blocks the chemical message between the brain and muscle. This keeps muscles from fully contracting, and those pesky “dynamic wrinkles” from forming. Patients enjoy a smoother complexion and a calm, composed appearance without any of the wrinkles that signal stress. Plus, by preventing those wrinkles from forming, patients can delay some of the most common lines from setting in as the years pass.

Botox Benefits

Smooth away wrinkles around the mouth, nose, eyes, and brow
Preserve your youthful appearance by preventing future development of lines and wrinkles
Define other facial characteristics such as the chin and jawline
Increase the appearance of the upper lip with a Botox “lip flip”
Relax the muscles around the mouth that lead to a “gummy” smile
Relief from bruxism and excessive jaw clenching
A quick, straightforward procedure without downtime


Question: Will I Experience Bruising After Botox Treatment?
Answer: While it is uncommon with Botox injections, you'll reduce your chance of bruising by avoiding alcohol, multivitamins, blood thinners, and anticoagulants like aspirin prior to treatment.

Question: Can Botox cause headaches?
Answer: Yes, approximately 10% of people get headaches after injections, and we advise you to take Advil or Tylenol to ease the pain.

Question: Why do I have small bumps on my skin after Botox injections?
Answer: These are completely normal and should resolve within 30 minutes of injection. If not, try icing them.

Question: When will I see results and how long do they last?
Answer: Most patients see results within two days and final results within two weeks. When that time comes, patients will have a smoother, younger-looking complexion. Most Botox treatments last about four months. Many patients who decide to incorporate Botox into their skincare routine schedule “touch-up” sessions every few months to maintain their results.

Question: What happens during a consultation:
Answer: Your consultation starts with a brief exam. During this time, we'll talk about your ideal results. Whether it’s wrinkles, fine lines, or other concerns, we’ll pay close attention to help us understand your needs. Once we have a comprehensive view of your goals, we will determine whether Botox or another cosmetic treatment will best achieve them. If Botox is suitable for you, we can proceed with the treatment that day or we can schedule your treatment date.

Ideal Candidates & Contraindications

Botox effectively addresses signs of aging. Botox is for healthy individuals who aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding. If you’re currently experiencing an active acne or viral skin outbreak, reschedule until your skin clears up. Botox is not recommended for patients with certain neuromuscular diseases or conditions.

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Current acne or viral skin outbreak
  • Neuromuscular diseases or conditions