Myers Cocktail - $215

Feel Rejuvenated and Refreshed

The Myers Cocktail IV drip is the "Gold Standard" for delivering intravenous vitamins and minerals directly to your bloodstream. This intravenous nutrient therapy was pioneered by Dr. John Myers in the 1960’s, this intravenous nutrient therapy may help with a range of conditions such as seasonal allergies, fatigue, asthma, and migraines as well as other conditions. The Myers Cocktail may also boost the immune system, help prevent colds and flu, reduce fatigue, increase sports performance, and help remedy hangovers.

Ingredients: Ascorbic Acid, Calcium, B12, Magnesium, and B-Complex in 1000 ml saline

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IV vitamin therapy is an effective technique to deliver vitamins, nutrients, and medications to the body as it bypasses the digestive system. When supplements are taken by mouth, the amount able to be absorbed is drastically reduced during the digestive process. With IV vitamin therapy, nutrients are available for immediate use as they are administered directly into the bloodstream.

With this method, treatment effectiveness is accelerated ensuring 100% absorption of the supplements for maximum effect and minimal waste.

From viruses, fatigue, athletic recovery, and hangovers, there are many occasions to give our bodies extra care and attention. A Myers Cocktail, packed with necessary vitamins and nutrients, can help you enjoy the following health benefits:

💧Immune System Support
💧Cold & flu prevention
💧Reduced fatigue and stress
💧Boosts sports performance & recovery
💧Helps Relieve Hangovers and Jet Lag
💧Rejuvenating increase in energy levels and improved mood
💧Refreshing full-body hydration
💧Alleviate chronic symptoms like inflammation, migraines and cramps
💧Restore balance in your body
💧Helps mitigate the effects of seasonal allergies

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