Getting Balanced

BHRT Pricing & Hormone Options

Monthly Hormone Therapy Membership $129/month

This includes appointments (in-office or telehealth), ongoing management and maintenance of hormone replacement therapy, on-going support by telephone, text, or email with our provider, and hormone refills.

Verve Health is a cash-pay clinic, we do not take insurance. This allows us to treat patients with evidence-based protocols based on how they feel, not solely based on lab results.

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Why Verve?

Get a personalized health plan to get you feeling like your younger self and start feeling better today. Here at Verve Health, we achieve optimal results for our patients by listening to your symptoms and goals, conducting and reviewing comprehensive sets of laboratories, and then creating an individualized plan tailored specifically to you with our evidence-based protocols.

What to Know?

Medication Options

Testosterone Transdermal Cream
Natural Desiccated Thyroid tablets
DHEA capsules
Micronized Progesterone (P4) capsules
Estradiol (E2) capsules
Melatonin Micronized Sustained-Release capsules
Vitamin D3 capsules

Who can benefit from BHRT?

Women at any age with testosterone deficiency symptoms including

Decreased energy
Decreased clarity
Decreased sex drive
Decreased sexual response
Women on oral estrogen or birth control pills
Any woman with low testosterone levels
Any woman who desires to improve her health, energy, strength, mental clarity & confidence

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